Wanderlust Pt. 2

Wanderlust continues with a destination very close to my heart: GREECE.

Strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Greece is one of the most beautiful places I have come across. Typically when I travel to a place, I enjoy everything it has to offer, cross it off my bucket-list, and find another new location to explore. But Greece is one of those special places that once you visit, you count down the days until you can return. 

I visited Corfu, Athens, Myknos, Patmos, and Santorini during my time there and they all offered something a little different. With the exception of Athens--which unfortunately is in rough shape--you cannot go wrong in any of those spots. Greece is rich in history and the birthplace of the Olympic games, Western philosophy, and democracy. There's much to discover as you explore some of these breath-taking spots. 

Mykonos was one of my favorite spots! Ever since MTV's the Real World ventured here, it has become a little more populated and touristy but the charm still permeates the island. Mykonos is nicknamed "the island of the winds" for good reason. But the coastal wind provides a nice relief especially if you are traveling during the hottest months.  

The unique architecture is beautiful and downtown Mykonos is one of the most vibrant places I've had the chance of seeing. Littered with restaurants, shops, and cafes, the downtown area is romantic and lively all at the same time. The night-life begins very late but who is going to complain if you find yourself walking out to the sunrise above the Mediterranean Ocean?

If you're looking for more of a wild time, Corfu may be the place to see. Nearly my entire time here was a party but the island is also steeped in Greek mythology and home to famous battles. It was a battle to leave this place and at some point in my life, I will go back! 

These pictures are making me nostalgic but that nostalgia only inspires me to travel more. Greece and Italy are certainly two of my favorite destinations and two that every true traveler must witness for themselves!

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