Gardening for beginners

Spring is here which means its time to get the gardens back in shape after a long season of cold and snow. I love the idea of having a garden but don't have to best of luck keeping plants alive. Instead of throwing in the towel, I'm staying optimistic and giving this garden my best shot this spring! Here are some tips and tricks to keep your gardens alive and flourishing this season! 

Plan out your garden

Do some research first. Find out what soil is best for your plant, how much sun is needed and when the best time to plant is. For some frost dates visit this website as well as this calendar for specific planting dates

Water your plants with vegetable soup

Not to confuse with the canned soup, but next time you boil or steam some vegetables, save the water for your plants. I heard this works wonders!

Stagger your garden

Plant for some early season vegetables or flowers, mid season and late season. That way you will have produce and flowers all season long.

Start off slowly

Don't overplant, start off with a couple seeds to see how they come out and move up from there!

Fertilize the soil before planting 

They say to use a 10-10-10 fertilizer with a hand help spreader.

Mulch your flower Gardens

Spread 2 inches thick around flowers.

Water as needed

Do not under or over water!


Happy Gardening! 

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