Sunshine, Sunshine Is Fine

64 degrees feels like a little slice of heaven on this Friday afternoon. Spring has been taking it's time this year in Maine, and the joke is getting old. But today we have opened up the bay door, let the light in, and started the Spring clean. Every corner has been scrubbed and rug swept in preparation for a busy summer season. As we anxiously await the summer rush we have also been reminiscing about last summer. Throughout the crazy grind we make sure to leave room for the simple summer pleasures. Company beach days are the best days at Fiber and Water. 


Fiber and Water company beach day 2013.

In our Spring cleaning frenzy over the past week, I have neglected the fact that Mother's Day is fast approaching. All this sudden Vitamin D makes me wanna give a little, and what Mother wants is some burlap art. So for the month of May Fiber and Water is offering FREE shipping on all orders. Use the discount code " MOTHERSPRING " at checkout, only at (offer expires June 1).


Happy sunshine, happy Friday, happy Spring everyone!

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