Feline Friday
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Feline Friday

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

Today I present a very special blog edition. If you were to walk into the Fiber and Water shop on any given day, you would probably hear one of us sharing details of the escapades our pet was having the night before. Each of us love our pets dearly. Not only are they family, but our shop talk would be seriously lacking without them. So for a small glimpse into our work day/every day, I give to you: Feline Friday (plus a pup).



Left: Monster      ||      Right: Misty

Guardians: Miles and April Perry

With Monster's keen sense of where to find April's lap for a snuggle, and Misty's love of the famous Miles belly rub, these two are quite the pair. You might say they have the run of the Perry house.



Guardian: Annie

Elsie isn't much for play time and running a muck, she's all snoozin' and treats. Her luxurious amounts of fluffy fur allow her to indulge in cuddles that some cats just wouldn't understand. Her favorite time of day is lounging when Mom gets home from work.



Guardian: Dalton

He's D'Teez, the big man on campus, and the key to Dalton's heart. Ortiz has a gentle giant way about him but with a flare of sophisticated wisdom. He loves an empty bathtub and getting under the covers. He's a heart-melter for sure.



Guardian: Phoebe

Being the kitten of the crew, Porkchop is known for his playful jumps and his eye for toes at the end of the bed. We think his curious personality must have something to do with his bob tail (he's constantly wondering where the rest of it is)




Guardian: Jansen

Wendell fits right in to our Feline Friday, being the size of a cat and all. This little Jack Russell is ready for anything. He's a loyal bed time snuggler and car ride aficionado. He knows his drive through places by heart, so don't try gettin' past the bank without a milkbone for this guy!


Happy Friday, folks! Be sure to catch Fiber and Water at SoWa Open Market in Boston this Sunday and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


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