DIY: How to Frame Your Print

Hello again blog readers!

It's a rainy, dreary Thursday here in Maine, so I decided to bust out the camera and create a little photo tutorial. On our website and at events customers have the choice of purchasing a framed or unframed print. We take great care in each piece that we frame, diligently making sure your print will be crisp and lasting for your walls. Today I will be breaking down the steps of framing your own Fiber and Water print if you buy one unframed. So let's begin!

First, gather your print, frame and tools for framing. 

We use:

  • Feather Duster (you can also remove dust with paper towels, we have found dusters to be the easiest)
  • Scissors to cut burlap
  • Butter Knife to open frame tabs
  • Masking Tape
  • Paper Towels
  • Windex

Choose your frame and determine the size of the matte opening to fit your design. Cut the burlap approximately 1 inch larger than your matte opening.

Loop a piece of masking tape and gently remove excess fibers from the print.

Remove the back of the frame. Make sure matte is free of dust and blemishes. 

Center the burlap print within the matte opening.

Starting with the top of image, cut tape piece long enough to cover burlap from corner to corner. Repeat this for the bottom of the image and gently pull the bottom while applying the tape so that print is taught. The matte board should curl slightly with the tape pressure, this is normal. Check your work to make sure the print/text is straight. Repeat these steps for the sides of the print, pulling as needed to straighten the design.

::Hint:: Burlap is very flexible, so don't be afraid to pull at it!

Take out matte board and clean glass with paper towel and windex until all dust and debris is gone. Gently place matte onto cleaned glass and close frame tabs. If need be, open back up and take out any fallen debris. When you are pleased with the matting and the tabs are closed, wipe down the front of the glass to remove dust.

And there you have it! Enjoy your freshly framed Fiber and Water print! 

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  • William

    Masking tape sticks to burlap well enough? I worry about the longevity of the stickiness of the tape.

    Wife got me a burlap print at a market and they talked about using some kinds of tacks.

    Thanks for the tutorial!

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