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The month of July was chock full of Instagram contest photos from customers. On July 4th Miles picked the winner, @itssewyou8. The subtle Fiber and Water prints in the background waiting to be hung inspired me to make this post. This is for those new homeowners and redecorators looking for the perfect home decor.

Instagram winner @itssewyou8

Today I'm going to run through getting the MOST out of your Fiber and Water product. After 2 years in business we have received great feedback from our online customers and countless open market shoppers letting us know their favorite prints, how they use them in their home, and what inspires them.

Let's start with the wall art- our first product, the favorite child. The beauty of it is it's versatility. You can always find a place for Fiber and Water prints, in the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, bedroom- any room! With so many designs to choose from we have tried to leave it open for anyone to find a print that fits their style. Although we have common themes that run through lots of designs, many times you can find some unexpected pairings. 

Radishes, Silverware, and Carrots accent this kitchen.

And sometimes you just have to have a nautical themed room.

Nautical themed burlap wall decor and toss pillow.

To really get those home decorating juices flowing, we have the Custom Design option on our website. Have memories from a special city? Loved ones getting married soon? Have a pet you want to commemorate or a hobby you can't get enough of? Let us know what you would like to print on burlap and we can help bring it to life! A recent favorite was creating "Geoff's Oysters". Monograms make a great gift for newlyweds, making the day they said "I Do".

Although we have 6 frame options to choose from (all made in USA), buying unframed prints can be a fun project in itself. Many people purchase a frame of their choice at a local arts and crafts shop, but we prefer the repurposing method. A great way to spice up your wall is finding a vintage frame which can be painted to your liking, and frame the burlap piece in it. Repurposing an old window pane can give your wall a whole new look. You can mix and match prints and photos with multiple openings.Tag sales and antique stores are full of old frames, so search out your favorite on a nice Summer weekend! And for framing tips check out this post, where our framer Annie runs through the process step-by-step.


Use vintage frames or window panes to frame your burlap print.

Placing your art on the wall can always be a challenge- finding the perfect spot, mixing just right with other artwork, and so on. Our 16x20 pieces make a great single accent on a wall, as they take up a bit more space on a smaller wall. You can also elaborate upon a single piece and place multiple frames in a pattern or shape. Framing your bed in this way can create an inviting landscape.


For more insight into where we would place our prints, check out our Pinterest page- always being curated to fit your home decor needs and wants.

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