Picking Favorites
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Picking Favorites

Posted on July 31, 2014 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

Hi all!

Today's post will be another spotlight, but on a different type of artist. Today we focus on the art of a blogger. Being relatively new to the blogging scene, I am always clicking around, finding inspiration and tips from artisans, bloggers, and DIYers. I have a few favorites that are always a go-to, but today I'll focus on just one- The Inspired Room.

Melissa, the creator of The Inspired Room, focuses on decorating ideas for one and all, with no big budget necessary. Right away, the layout of the website is clear and easy to use. She has simple categories to search for what you really want to get out of the blog to style your home. Along with decorating and DIY ideas, The Inspired Room has a "How to Organize and Clean" page with tips from speed cleaning to small house solutions. We all love to ogle over beautiful homes that are picture perfect, but who can really keep up with it? Melissa gives advice on keeping your home clean, stylish, and comfortable.  


The Inspired Room- voted top Reader’s Favorite Decorating Blogger: Better Homes & Garden




Another favorite part of the site is the tour of her house. It's always nice to see the real home behind the scenes. Not to mention, the photos of her dog, Jack the Goldendoodle, are pretty great too! So be sure to bookmark this one folks, it will come in handy, I promise!



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