Weekend Hot Spots
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Weekend Hot Spots

Posted on August 08, 2014 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

It's Friday, Friday, Friday! In honor of fantastic Summer weekends, I give you the "Weekend Hot Spot" edition. Maine, AKA Vacationland, is one big outdoor Summer fun fest, and the Fiber and Water crew has some particular favorites around the Portland area.

A summer spot near and dear to us is the beach on Long Island. Our trip as a group to the island last summer was the start of Company Field Trips, and it was magical. It started with the 45 minute Casco Bay Ferry ride from Portland with our picnic packed and beach towels in hand. When we got off the ferry we went into the small general store to stock up on extra beer and snacks. From there, we were lucky enough to throw our heavy things in the back of an old pickup truck heading to the beach. As we walked up to the water from the dirt road, the beach was like a serene hidden gem. The white sand and clear water makes for a tropical experience...until you get in the water. We spent the day eating, drinking, playing cards and volleyball, and dipping into the chilly water. It was a perfect summer beach day with the Fiber and Water team.

Beach volleyball on Long Island, ME.

The favorite spot of 2014 is the Presumpscot River. Last week some of the crew took packed their cars and coolers (notice the trend of never going without sufficient snacks). With one car parked further up, they hopped on their tubes and floated down to the second car. As they floated down stream they took in the sun and had a leisurely afternoon on the river, no worries to be had!

 Floating on the Presumpscot.

This weekend is looking like it will have ideal day trip weather. Can't wait for what the rest of summer has to offer. More favorite spots to come next week. Until then, enjoy your weekend folks!

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