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Posted on September 09, 2014 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

Trend alert: Text is in ! 

With so many styles to offer, we see a lot of trends come and go for home decor style. One booming trend, as you may know, is typography. The inspirational quote of family, work ethic, or happiness creates a warmth in a home as you walk by. It's that nice little piece of advice, to keep your head up and appreciate what you have. With new styles growing every week, I have picked out a few of my favorite text pieces that we sell at fiberandwater.com

Simple and to the point, humble and refreshing: Let it Be

John Muir said it best, "The mountains are calling, and I must go"

The Beer Varietals print is simply a perfect piece for the beer cellar, kitchen, or dining room. For the craft beer enthusiasts, this is a must!

The vintage boxers pair nicely with the Karma print. A great lighthearted piece.

Our Pinterest page has been seeing some typography love on the "word" board. Here's my Pinterest inspiration for the day!

What's your best piece of Pinterest inspiration? Any great quote, word, or image that gets you ready for the day? We would love to see it on our Facebook page. Don't be shy!

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