Local Talent, We Got It

Here at Fiber and Water we are lucky to have a crew of incredibly talented artists and creative minds. Jansen paints the most beautiful landscapes, Annie is an incredibly gifted printmaker, Dalton creates breathtaking ceramics and photographs, and I am an illustrator, creating my own screen printed goods (for another blog post to come). I wanted to shine the spotlight on the most recent artistic accomplishment here at the shop.

Dalton, one of our invaluable framers, is humble about his ceramics and photography skills. But we know the truth, the guy's got too much talent to contain! His photography background has recently landed him a gig that ended up in Town & Country Magazine. He worked with Portland General Store, based out of our dearest Portland, Maine, to capture the feeling of their new product. At Winter Hill Farm in Freeport, Maine, Dalton spent the day photographing the co-owner, Lisa Brodar around the farm, specifically with the cows. Brodar has recently created Farmer's Cologne, a chic new scent that is formulated to smell great and not to alienate our bovine friends.

Read the Town & Country Magazine article  and view Dalton's photo here

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