Cleansing, Creativity, and Car Rides
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Cleansing, Creativity, and Car Rides

Posted on January 07, 2015 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

It's a new year, 2015. We are rolling right into it here at Fiber and Water. We took some time off after our Christmas rush to enjoy time with family and friends for Christmas and New Year's Eve. Coming back to the shop in the aftermath of holidays well spent, it felt like a change was in the air. Nothing drastic, just a clean up, a fresh fun accent (a basketball hoop in our case), and a look back at what we've done to see where we are headed. Fiber and Water has more to offer this year that we are so excited to share with you, soon enough. In order to get there, it's always good to pause- cleanse, create, and take a car ride. Here is some inspiration for starting off your brand new year with a positive outlook, no matter what 2014 held for you.


You say it every time a new year roles around, but it's just the truth- organizing can honestly make you a happier person. When you have a clean space that you enjoy being in, it can make a world of difference. Try cleaning up one section of the house. Is your desk piling up with old magazines and past to do lists? Remove the clutter and make space for yourself! Here are some inspirational office spaces that I love: . It doesn't take much to transform your work space- a new chair, removing old pens, organizing the top drawer.



Being creative doesn't need to feel like a daunting task. Everyone has natural creativity, the ability to make things, or try something new. So put down your iPhone and dust off the camera sitting in your closet. Purchase those knitting needles for a winter project you have been putting off. Pick up a new journal and write down one thing about your day, everyday. Create something for yourself, a friend, your dog, or a stranger on the street.


Car Rides

After you've rearranged your bedroom and made a drawing for your best friend, open a map. Pick a spot to adventure to. It doesn't have to be far, you can walk, bike, drive, or take a train. Just go somewhere you have never been and be present in that place when you arrive. New adventures are great for a change of perspective, inspiration, or even appreciation for home.  

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