Nautical Summer

Our latest feature in Coastal Living Magazine (see last post here) had me thinking. Fiber and Water designs have naturally gravitated toward nautical themes as we are inspired by New England living, especially on the coast. Summer is the best time to enjoy the north east, in my opinion, ripe with the best seafood and ocean waves. If you are looking to redecorate your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, I've collected some of our favorite nautical themed prints and pillows. Happy decorating!

Bedroom Favorites


Reef Knot Monogram

I love this monogram for many reasons. First, the frame and ink. This perfect combination of vintage white and midnight blue create a simply beautiful nautical piece. This monogram is the perfect unique wedding gift for the couple to add to their bedroom. I especially love stories of this monogram suiting a couple that was married in the summer by the water, or love to sail, or even just appreciate the symbol of being tied together with love.

Lobster Buoy Pillows

Add these Buoy pillows to the bed and their pop of color will go perfectly with the Reef Knot Monogram. They also make a great accent on any couch or love seat!

Looking for another nautical themed monogram with more of a natural color theme? Try the Life Buoy Monogram. A hand drawn life buoy garnished with the sweet quote "You Keep Me Afloat". This can be customized with initials and an established date.

Living Room

Ship & Whale

I picture this Ship & Whale in the rustic walnut frame to be perfectly placed by the sliding glass door of a cottage by the water. There is a vintage feeling to the larger than life whale under a little lobster boat that feels perfect for a summer home.

Looking for pillows to match the Ship & Whale without taking away from the image? Try the Stripes pillows.

The Stripes have a classy sailor feeling with trendy colors, perfect for adding a refreshing look to the sofa.

Bathroom Accents

In a nautical themed bathroom, I like to stick to a clean and simple look. I think white and beach. So in that case I would go for the Scallop Shell and Starfish combination with a Vintage White frame.

Scallop Shell



Looking for more ideas on how to mix and match your Fiber and Water artwork? Don't hesitate to email for advice on styling your walls!


  • Fiber and Water

    Thanks so much Heidi!
    For more of a lake theme we have our Paddle Monogram which can be customized however you like:

    I also recommend the Hello Wellies print for a lake house entryway :

  • heidi krugman

    Love your stuff bought some pictures/burlap at a fundraiser. Do you have anything that is more with a Lake theme than a beach? or the ocean?

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