DIY Candles


As mentioned previously, Candles are a must-have in our home. No matter the season, we always have them burning in more than one room. There's nothing more relaxing than a home filled with aromatherapy. This obsession is not a cheap one, candles (especially those long burning ones) can be quite pricey! Then we found out that we can make our own candles at a relatively inexpensive price, and still get the same result as those fancy ones you buy in stores. Sounds too good to be true huh? Try it for yourself!

Here's what you will need (Most of the items listed below can be found at Michael's, Joann's and Amazon): 

-Wax, either paraffin or Natural  depending on what kind of candles you want to make. I like to use Natural Wax (like Soy) because I tend to make Container Candles and like them to be long lasting. Beeswax tends to be sweet smelling.

-Candle Wicks: The amount of wicks will vary depending on how many candles you want to make.


-Essential Oils: This will be creating the actual fragrance. There is a variety of oils that you can use but I like to use aromatherapy ones. Plant Therapy has great ones at a cheap price. I like to use lavender for stress relief and relaxation, but you can play around with different oils to find out what you prefer.You can alter the amount of oil used depending on how strong you want the fragrance.

-A  tin can or glass jar that makes up the candle container. You can use old candle containers or  even a Mason Jar, which you can find very easily online. 

-Dyes if you prefer your candle a color other than white. Beeswax makes a natural honey color.

-Household items such as a saucepan and measuring cup to melt the wax.

You are ready to make your candle!

Tips: You can  plant the wicks down with sticky tape.

Pour the essential oils in when the wax is melted, before pouring into your jar.

Waa-lah! You have created your own candle.


In honor of Fall's beginning, Here are instructions on how to make a spice scented candle.


Hope you Enjoy!


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