Celebrating Maine Life
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Celebrating Maine Life

Posted on September 29, 2015 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

This past weekend, thousands gathered for Maine's 38th Annual Common Ground Fair in the town of Unity. The event celebrates all of the greatness that rural life in Maine has to offer with organic food, music, and beautiful artistry. The event is truly special, and embraces everything we love about Maine, including something that is especially dear to Fiber and Water: entrepreneurship.

The event encourages people of all ages to showcase homemade goods, handmade crafts, and anything else that you have a desire to share with the public. The event is especially unique, with entrepreneurs as young as eleven behind stands selling goods they are passionate about. This is how we started at Fiber and Water--with an idea and a passion--to deliver quality art, with natural products made in the US. The Common Ground Fair is the perfect medium in which energetic artists of all types can showcase their talents in the rural setting of Maine. 

Anyone familiar with the Portland, Maine scene knows that entrepreneurs are at the heart of the city. There is a unique bond and support for each other and events like the Common Ground Fair reinforces the importance of community and creativity. We at Fiber and Water hope the young people we saw at the Fair continue to enhance this culture that we are happy to be a part of. 

The event, which was held September 25, 26, and 27th was expected to host upwards to 50,000 people this year. Those are huge numbers and evidence of an increasing demand for the manmade and natural. We hope you had the opportunity to take in the event but if not, stay tuned for the other such events that the New England area has to offer! 

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