A Trip to Ricker Hill Orchards with the Fiber and Water Family

The Fiber and Water family went apple-picking this past weekend and it was nothing short of majestic.

Nestled in the town of Turner, Maine we discovered Ricker Hill Orchards. This time of year, the 45-minute drive is a beautiful one, revealing the multicolored foliage of the New England fall. When we finally arrived, we found ourselves at a higher elevation, and were able to snap some fantastic photos before we even bought our bags for apple-picking. 

The staff was friendly and the premises were a delight. The orchard wasn't crowded but you could tell they had a steady flow of families throughout the day. We were with a few first-time pickers, so I had to intervene when we almost bought two 20-pound bags. I'm not sure anyone can eat 40 pounds of apples. We settled on two modest 10-pounders and began our search for the perfect apple.

Did you know that nearly 700 varieties of apples are grown in Maine and that 200 of them originated here? We decided to pick the conventional apples (versus the organic) when we were told that they are the preferred type for baking. I searched high on the branches for the shiniest apples while Grandma seemed to think the large ones on the ground were best. When our bags were stuffed, we snapped some more photos of the landscape. The view reminded me of our trip last year to Acadia National Park. We talked about which leaf color was best. Personally, I'm not sure there is a best. They compliment each other like a perfectly designed living room. One piece does not make the room!

All in all, the day was wonderful. The weather was ideal and the scenery is unmatched. We finished our trip with a stop at the on-site Hard Cider Winery that had hard cider of all varieties. I recommend the Maniac Apple Pie cider but the Maniac Grapefruit was also a hit. We grabbed a few pumpkins to go, and said 'hello' to a couple of the horses that were on location. 

Whether you check out Ricker Hills or another orchard in your area, get out and enjoy the time while you can. The Fiber and Water family definitely did.  



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