My Happy Place

When's the last time you took some time for yourself to relax completely, disconnecting and blocking out all your worries for at least an hour? My guess is that for a lot of you, it's hard to remember when that was. With the overwhelming schedule of full-time work and school, I too was failing in the self-care department. Then I was introduced to yoga! 


I had been wanting to give yoga a try for years now, but the excuses always piled up. The stress finally became unbearable and I decided that I needed to try something new to release some of that daily stress. I signed up for a yoga class at Willard Beach Studio in South Portland, and my life was changed. No joke! I have become seriously hooked. So many people had told me for so long how wonderful yoga is, but I never really thought it would be something for me. I thought it was something that only health-nuts and extremely fit people did. I was so wrong. People of all ages and body-types were there and it was such a positive and judgment-free environment. I can't believe how long I have been missing out on this!

I have tried a variety of yoga classes now and I am never disappointed. I walk out feeling like I have received a deep tissue massage in both body and mind. All my worries are put at ease with a feeling that's hard to describe. Spa Yoga is definitely my favorite. They incorporate wonderfully scented essential oils and pressure-point massages that make you feel like you are walking on a cloud afterwards! If you are feeling burnt-out and ready to try something new, I would definitely recommend everyone to give yoga a shot at least once in their life. And it's not just a feminine activity---men love yoga and all of its benefits! 

If you're not convinced yet, just take a look at some of the many health benefits.

These are just some of the many benefits of yoga, so give it a try for yourself! I would recommend visiting Willard Beach Studio where the instructors are incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable about any concerns you may have. The classes are also small in size which creates a nice, intimate environment. It really will improve so many areas of your life. You have so little to lose and so much to gain.


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