Furniture Makeover
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Furniture Makeover

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

November is nearing, which for us means move out day is approaching! We will be moving into a bigger space which means more furniture, and more decor. Instead of spending a fortune, I will be taking on some of these DIY furniture projects and making some old furniture new again! 

I love how simple this table is. You can put your favorite floral arrangements and picture frame and wah lah, you have yourself a great piece! This is also very inexpensive and seems very simple to make. I think I will be giving this a shot and making it a little wider to transform it almost into a mini book shelf.  Links provided in images for step by step instructions.

This DIY bathroom storage ladder is perfect for those small bathrooms without a lot of cabinet space. I really love how much you can do with this piece. I have seen this used outside in garden spaces and even in living areas as bookshelves. This might even be easier than putting together Ikea furniture!


I am OBSESSED with this Love headboard. It turns a plain bed into a focal point. I can't wait to give this a shot! 

In my previous blogs I have expressed my love for pallet tables. I just love how rustic and unique this looks. I also love the inserted shelf space underneath for books. Since  I am not the handiest I may have to seek help for this project, but it will be worth it! A great coffee table is essential for tying everything together.

Happy Furniture Making! 

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