Room Color Feng Shui

Picking out paint colors has been quite the struggle these days. With all the color options out there, picking paint isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Should you go with aqua sky or linen cream?  Decisions, Decisions...

Then a friend introduced me to something called feng shui. In short, feng shui is a Chinese belief that you can harmonize people with surrounding environments with furniture placements, colors and decor. The ideas behind this belief is fascinating! There are a lot of different aspects of how you can feng shui your room but for the time being, I will be focusing on room color. There are several studies that explore the idea of the psychology of color. They are proposing that the color of your room can impact your mood, energy level and success. 


I thought I would share a quick summary of what I have learned about the most popular colors people choose for rooms.These are the meanings from both the psychology of color belief as well as feng shui beliefs. This has helped me figure out what color I am going for and I hope it helps you too!


 Blue is commonly known as the color of healing, calmness and relaxation. Blue also symbolizes dependability, trustworthiness, and security. In feng shui, blue represents the water elements which represents clarity, renewal and nobility. Blue is a great color for a bathroom or a bedroom. It will turn your room into your place of zen!



Green is also a color that represents healing, calmness, relaxation and tranquility. Unlike blue though it represents growth, abundance, peace, purification and life. Green represents the wood element which promotes the love for nature.Green is a popular color for the bathroom since it brings that element of refreshment and renewal.This is great for those who love taking baths to regroup and destress.


Yellow is a very uplifting, stimulating color that promotes warmth and happiness. Yellow represents the fire element which promotes prosperity, love and abundance. Yellow is a very social color which makes it perfect for the kitchen or living areas. A nice lighter yellow will do the trick if you are looking for something less bright.



If you didn't guess it already, red is a color of passion, love and romance. It is also a color of power and luxury.This is a popular color for living rooms and dining rooms . This color is very stimulating so if you are thinking of making this a bedroom color, earthy reds are suggested. 



Grey doesn't promote too much positive traits in feng shui. It is said to lack energy, be draining, boring and neutral. Grey is recommended as an accent color or for an accessory.



Brown is stable, grounding reliable and comforting. Because of it's grounding representations, this makes a great color for a bedroom or living room.




Inspired to feng shui your home? Happy painting!


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