To Infinity and...Bed Bath and Beyond!

To Infinity and...Bed Bath and Beyond!

Posted on November 10, 2015 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

On a warm day in July, April and Miles took a long drive from their home in Maine to the state of New Jersey. In a car packed with Fiber and Water prototypes, the two were filled with nervous excitement because they were about to meet some associates at the headquarters of one of the most well-known home decor companies in the country. 

The meeting went extremely well and April and Miles left anxious but very optimistic.  If all went as planned, Fiber and Water would receive an incredible amount of exposure through this wonderful store. 

Four months later, we are happy to say their optimism was for good reason. Fiber and Water will now be featured online through...BED BATH and BEYOND! Pardon the play on words but we are beyond excited. Bed, Bath and Beyond is the quintessential retail store for decor. We believe the partnership is a perfect match. 

You can find Fiber and Water decor by simply going to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond website and searching for "burlap art." We are featured in the 'wall decor' section where you will find our most popular styles such as our "state roots" collection. If the prints do well online, we hope to branch out into the stores in the near future. 



Visit their site to check out our burlap art, well you're at it pick up some of those home improvement products you have been looking for! Bed, bath and beyond will definitely have what you need, and more.

We are so happy and grateful for the new opportunities we've been granted recently. We thank you for your continued support.




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