Introducing the Tea Towel

If you haven't heard, Fiber and Water has introduced its first product that is not made of burlap. That's right, we have expanded into cotton! 

Fiber and Water is now selling our very own tea towels! These 100% cotton, traditional flour-sack towels are highly durable, absorbent, stylish, sustainable and incredibly soft. Whoever said Bounty is the only quicker picker upper is wrong! These towels absorb liquid very well making them great for cleaning up, drying hands and drying off those pesky dishes we all love doing. Like all of our products, the towels are made in the USA and are of the best quality so you can be sure they will last after many washes.

Not only do these towels look good, but they are also great for our environment. Paper towels have a huge impact on our environment, contributing to deforestation, global warming and pollution. According to a study by People Towels, 3,000 tons of paper towel waste is produced by the US alone. What's even worse is that 20,000 gallons of water and 17 trees are used to make just one ton of paper towels. Decomposing paper towels also produces methane, which contributes to global warming.

I am guilty of not always doing my part when it comes to taking care of our environment but using these tea towels instead of paper towels is just one step towards being more eco-friendly. Using these towels will not only get you compliments but they'll also bring you cash savings! With these towels only being $12, they are sure to save you money. According to The Savings Experiment, the average American spends $182 a year on paper towels. Growing up, we would go through about 4 rolls a week. At $1.50 a roll ($6 a week) times 52 weeks, that's $312! 

What will you choose to do with that extra money? Happy shopping! 

 Visit Fiber and Water to check out all of our tea towel styles. And yes, we will even do a custom print on these towels! Remember to take advantage on our free shipping, for all our products!

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