Part I: Getting Personal at F&W

Part I: Getting Personal at F&W

Posted on November 24, 2015 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

At Fiber and Water, we would like to take just a little time to give thanks. We have made some great strides within the business this year, but that's just part of our story. The staff was asked a while back about three things they were thankful for.  Here are the some of the staff's responses in what this blog is calling 'Getting Personal Part I.'

Miles Perry


 Miles is thankful for a lot of things but he first chose his wife, April. April was behind the idea that started Fiber and Water years ago. She's always encouraging Miles with constant support and optimism. Her positivity and thoughtfulness are a perfect blend with Miles' passion and ambition. He's also thankful for his family. Miles is in constant contact with his family that spans several states. From sailing in the summer, to weekend visits from his mom, Miles and his family are quite close. And finally, Miles chose his home. He feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase his first home in one of the most beautiful towns in Maine. He looks forward to the future projects he and his wife will work on together that will make the home all their own.

April Perry


April said that first and foremost she's thankful for her amazing and resilient family. Even in the toughest of times, they manage to still put a smile on their faces and others' faces around them. Secondly, she would like to give thanks to friends and family that offer love and support for both the food truck, El Corazon and Fiber and Water. They have given her and Miles the opportunity to pursue something they truly love to do. And last but not least, April wanted to give a big 'thank you' to all the strangers out there that are out there who support what she does. If you talk to April about the food truck, you know she doesn't forget a name and a face. She has regular customers who constantly come to the truck and she always greets them with a smile and some great food. April says that these are the people--along with her family and friends--that put food on her table and a roof over her head. 

Stay tuned for more staff responses later in the week. This will give you the time you need to prep the house, dust off some recipes, and maybe run a mile or two before you enjoy your Thanksgiving feasts. 



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