Part II: Getting Personal

Dylan Stewart


Dylan, our silk-screening extraordinaire, is also grateful this Thanksgiving season. Dylan is thankful for his girlfriend, Kate. Dylan loves the adventurous life that he gets to live with Kate and is grateful for all the exciting trips they have taken and will take in the future. He's also thankful for his good health. Dylan has lived in Maine and Colorado and without good health, he would not be able to partake in all the scenic adventures that the country has to offer. And finally, he's thankful for his supportive family. His family has supported his creative side and encouraged him to pursue his passions. 

Adriana Estrada

That's me! 

I'm thankful for many things this season but I'm going to keep it to three like the rest of the staff. First, I am thankful for my loving family. My family extends coast to coast--from California to Maine--and we are very close. I'm grateful to have my sister and father support my move to the east coast and so touched to have April and Miles by my side here. I'm also thankful for my boyfriend, Scott, who shares my love for travel. We compliment each other perfectly and I hope to take many trips in the future with him to all the places we want to see. And lastly, I'm thankful for the best dog in the entire world, Sam. Sammy (seen above) is currently on the west coast but I am doing everything in my power to get him to Maine so he can explore the Maine wilderness and all that this beautiful state has to offer!

To each and every one of you, Happy Thanksgiving! 




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  • Cindy

    We are grateful that you are in our lives! ( especially mine) love you more than you will ever know mija!
    Love Tia Cindy

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