Adding some Christmas spirit to the home, on a budget

With Christmas being less than 3 weeks away, we are way behind on decorating. Every year Christmas just seems to sneak up faster than the year before. I have decided to kick it into high gear and get the house decorated by the end of this weekend so that we can have time to enjoy it before heading back to California to spend the holidays. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate for the holidays, without breaking the bank.



Christmas wreaths are wonderful on front doors but also look great indoors on windows and bedroom doors. A fresh wreath adds the fresh scent of pine into the home but artificial ones will do the job just fine.

 Mason Jars

Mason Jars are great for so many things and can be found inexpensively at a number of home/grocery stores. Add some pine or branches from outside, add some cranberries or whatever else you have on hand and you have yourself a great decoration!

Pine Cones


If you live anywhere like where we do in New England, you can find pine cones practically anywhere you walk or drive. Grab a bag full and make yourself a centerpiece! It will cost you nothing and will take you less than 10 minutes. You can also use these as wreaths or to fill glass dishes.




You can find beautiful ornaments at discount stores like big lots or even the dollar tree. There really is no need to spend big when you don't have to. Choose a color scheme and add these to your favorite vases, looks so elegant and classic.

Christmas Tree

Last but not least is the christmas tree. I mean Christmas is really not complete without one! I personally am a fan of the fresh noble furs but I know plenty of people who love the convenience of artificial ones too.


Happy Holidays Everyone!! 



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  • Maureen Cobas

    Love the mason jars! Great for luminaries, too? Right April? ???

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