The Place You Call Home

Where is "home" for you? For many, home is where you grew up. It's the local stores, the neighborhood, your immediate family, and all the local traditions of your town. For others, the idea of home is  one that changes over time. Maybe you've lived in many places. Maybe where you went to college--where you truly became the person you are today--is the place you call home. Wherever these roots are, they most likely occupy a special spot in your heart. After all, it's a large part of what makes you, you

For the traveler like Miles, there has been many homes. He's lived in Massachusetts, Miami, and Maine-- just to name a few. April and I are California transplants, winding up here on a very different side of the country. For me, most of my family and memories are located 3,000 miles to the West, but there is something to be said about a place that makes you feel truly like yourself. I find that feeling exists here in Maine.


The state "roots" collection at Fiber and Water is one of the most popular we have. It's fairly easy to see why. People feel connected to these places they call home. You may want to showcase this pride in your home with wall-art or some toss pillows or perhaps you want to give something as a gift to someone who is passionate about their roots. For a wedding gift, I gave a couple I'm close with a 'Maine roots' print because that is where they met and I know how much Portland means to them.

We have so much pride for these spots. Whether it's your New England roots connecting you to the Patriots, or your Maine roots connecting you to nature, we have something for you. 

Check out the online store to find out how you can represent the place you call "home." 



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