The Top 3 Spots for Maine Restaurant Week

The Top 3 Spots for Maine Restaurant Week

Posted on February 20, 2016 by Fiber and Water | 0 comments

Maine Restaurant Week is coming soon and we couldn't be more excited. Maine--Portland in particular--is such a great culinary scene that we couldn't resist giving you some of our favorite spots to hit during this time. We're giving you some notice so you can make the necessary plans in your life so you can take advantage of these places. The current list of participating restaurants can be found here but we have narrowed it down to our three favorites. 

#1 : Back Bay Grill, 65 Portland St    $$$

Back Bay Grill is not only the most underrated restaurant in Portland but it may be the best. We ate here last year during restaurant week and it may have been the best dining experience of my life. The service is without-a-doubt the best I've had and the food is wonderful. The decor is a little dated and quirky but that's about as negative as I can get about this absolute gem. If you have children, make sure you get a dependable babysitter because this dining experience will be a 2 hour affair, minimum. 

#2: David's 388  388 Cottage St, South Portland   $$

Owner/Chef David Turin's restaurant is nestled in South Portland, 15 minutes away from most of the other popular Portland restaurants. There is a David's in the center of Portland but for our money, David's 388 in South Portland is better and more consistent than the other. The prices are much more reasonable and the food is fantastic. The dishes are on the smaller side but the flavors and presentation are always top-notch. It's a small place and can be difficult to get a table at peak-times, so make sure you plan ahead. It'll be worth your time. Trust me on this one. 

#3: The Grill Room, 84 Exchange St, Portland  $$$

The Grill Room is a well-known spot that I don't think gets talked about enough. It's centralized Portland location means it has a lot of competition but if you're looking to stuff yourself with deliciousness, this is a great spot. If you're not a steak eater, it may not be the best spot for you but they do offer some great alternatives in the seafood and chicken department. Their drinks are great and the rustic-smokey ambiance is great for a small group. You'll end up with a big bill but I can guarantee you'll like the food and you'll be full for days. Have some dessert or head over to Sonny's afterwards which is located across the street for some fantastic cocktails. 

You can't go wrong with either of these picks. Check out that link posted to see more of the options for those of you with a specific palate. There's no better time to experience fantastic Maine cuisine than Maine Restaurant Week in March. 


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